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Capital Verification Report

Date: 2008-10-15 13:17 | Author: Linden Co. Ltd. | From: | Read Times: 82

To [Company name]

We accepted the appointment to examine the [second] installment of registered capital contribution of [Company name] (“the Company”) as at [date] in respect of its application for incorporation and registration. The responsibilities of all its investor(s) and the Company are to ensure that the capital contributions comply with the legal requirements of the relevant laws, regulations, agreements, contracts and articles of association; to provide true, legitimate and complete information for the verification of capital contributions and to safeguard the Company’s assets. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on the [second] installment of capital contribution in accordance with the “Statement of Independent Auditing Practices No.1: Verification of Capital Contribution”. In the course of our examination, we performed examination procedures as we considered necessary in the circumstances.

According to the agreements, contracts and articles of association, the Company’s registered capital to be contributed by [name] (Party A) and [name] (Party B) is [currency] [amount] and shall be fully contributed in [number] installments prior to [date]. The current contribution is for the [second] installment, which shall be contributed before [date]. Based on our examination and as at [date], the Company had received capital contribution of [currency] [amount] contributed by Party A and Party B. The aforesaid actual capital contribution [currency] [amount] is in the form of cash, [currency] [amount] is in the form of tangible assets, and [currency] [amount] is in the form of know-how. The capital contributed in the form of know-how accounts for % of the registered capital.

[In addition, we also noted that the [first] installment of registered capital contribution of the Company, [currency] [amount], of which [currency] [amount] was contributed by Party A and [currency] [amount] was contributed by Party B, was verified by [name] Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd. with capital verification report ([number of report]) issued on [date]. As at [date], the Company has received accumulated capital contribution of [currency] [amount] in total.]

  Capital Verification Report.doc(94 KB)

This Capital Verification Report is for the use of the Company to apply for its incorporation and registration and to issue investment certificate(s) to the investor(s). It is not to be deemed as a guarantee or an assurance of the Company’s abilities in maintaining capital, repaying debts or operating as a going concern. XXXX Certified Public Accountants and the Certified Public Accountants who performed this verification shall not be hold liable for any consequences caused by the misuse of this Capital Verification Report.

Appendix I Summary of the [Second] Installment of Capital Contribution

Appendix II Summary of Accumulated Capital Contribution

Appendix III Notes to Capital Verification Report

XXXX Certified Public Accountants Certified Public Accountant

Certified Public Accountant

Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China [date]

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