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BJ Ro Registration

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Beijing Representative Office Registration(RO)
It could first set up a representative office to test the Chinese market for a foreign enterprise entered China a very short time ago ,RO is also called Representative Office in China Of foreign enterprise ,

General information
A Chinese representative office (RO) is an office of the foreign enterprise established in China for liaison with Chinese businesses and customers on behalf of its parent company. ROB is not considered to be a separate legal entity. It must be emphasized that a representative office may not carry out direct revenue earning business activities. ROB are not allowed to directly engage in profitable business activities, but the indirectly ones, such as public activities, business liaison, product demonstrate, market researching, scientific exchanging and so on, but if there is a bilateral treaty between China and this foreign country ,what’more , the bilateral treaty regulate that RO

what's more
can carry out direct business activities in this case we handle according to the bilateral treaty.

Company name and shareholder
The name of RO must be checked, and contains the name of the original company. and the BeiJing representative office.
The legal representative must be assigned by the original company.

Registered capital and location
The Registered capital is not requested. so it is simple. The location is in BeiJing, you can rent a office for the RO. But the office must be Commercial building.

Book-keeping and auditing services
ATA have many of Accountants and auditors, so we can supply the services for your RO.

Business scope
Liaise with local and foreign contacts in China on behalf of the general company ;
Conduct research and provide data and promotional materials to potential clients or trading partners;
Act as a coordinator for the general company's activities in China;
Make travel arrangements for general company representatives and potential Chinese clients;
Other non-direct profit making business activities;

Bank opening
Bank reference provided by the bank of the country or region where the enterprise comes: The bank reference, to be signed by the person in charge or business manager of the bank, shall state clearly the enterprise's registered capital and present amount of deposit, as well as the reputation of its flexing capitals after the opening of the account. (original)

Advantage of representative office (RO)
The simplicity and short time required for establishing a RO is the main advantage for its popularity in the Chinese market. RO are not required to meet strict requirements for items such as registered capital. And the following management is also relative simple and money-consuming.

Tax filling and payment
In General a RO is subject to foreign enterprise income tax (FEIT) and Business tax (BT) under the PR China FEIT Law and the PR China Provisional Regulations of BT. There are different ways in which a representative office may be taxed but the most common basis is the cost-plus-basis. As at April 2002, the total tax burden under this assessment method is approximately 5-10% of the operating expenses incurred by the representative office.

Document requiment
1、register blank
2、application letter
3、parent company's original copy of business licenses & certificate of incorporation;
4、original copies of Bank reference letter for the foreign parent company;
5、the appointment letter for the chief representative
6、one copy of resume of the chief representative
7、copy of ID or passport of the representative
8、5 color photos
9、contract of rent office location
10、original copies of lease with signature and sealed by Housing Management Authority .
11、trust instrument
12、details of enterprise secretary

Fill the trust instrument→ sign the agreement→ pay the advance payment→ check name→ special industrial approve ahead→deal with the industrial and commercial certificate→get the certificateof registry 、tax certificate and so on→ get the seal form the office appointed by the PSB →pay the rest → open the account

1 Both original and duplicate copy of business license;
2 Registration license of State &Local Administration of Taxation;
3 Seal carving registration card;
4 Organization Code License & card (IC card);
5 Three seals.

Processing time
To establish a RO is therefore largely a matter of complying with the prescribed application procedures. Once all the necessary documents for application are ready for submission, government approval can be had within.20-30 working days

Price and payment term
Govement fee + making fee + service fee

Commercial secretarial service
Open bank account ,make account, plan for tax and finance and so on .

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