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Minister Bo attends 2007 International Sourcing Fair (Shanghai,China)

Date: 2008-10-14 18:12 | Author: Linden Co. Ltd. | From: | Read Times: 24

Shanghai (September 25)--Hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and the Shanghai Municipal government, 2007 International Sourcing Fair opened in Shanghai. Minister Bo Xilai attended the event.

The current fair used internet as a means to facilitate the flow of information and the reaching of deals. Two hundred and sixty international purchasers, including seven purchase branches of the UN, took part in the event, providing a catalogue of over 2000 products with a total purchase volume of 20 billion US dollars. The Fair also had a special sector dedicated to Chinese purchasers, attracting major enterprises like Sinochem.

Minister Bo noted that international sourcing had become a mode of international trade gaining popularity with the advent of globalization and the information age. China was intent on relieving its trade imbalances and further opening its markets. By the year 2010, the import volume of China will reach 1 trillion US dollars. The Fair was a great opportunity for Chinese enterprises to find foreign suppliers and establish stable business relations.

Minister Bo also took the chance to ensure foreign purchasers of the quality of made-in-China products. China was a responsible trade partner, Bo said, and Chinese products would continue to win international consumers by their good quality and competitive price. The fact that the current fair had attracted so many big multinational purchasers proved that exporters with a rational mind had full confidence in Chinese products.







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