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Getting Your Chinese Visa

Date: 2008-10-15 13:47 | Author: Linden Co. Ltd. | From: | Read Times: 26

All international travelers to China must carry two essential documents: passports from their home countries as well as Chinese visas. A passport is a form of identification that is recognized in nearly all countries, declaring the owner's country of citizenship. A visa is a travel document issued by the destination country, which grants permission for the visitor to be in that country. Passports and visas are matters of national security, and are taken very seriously by all countries.

Nearly two million Americans travel to China each year, and every one of them must obtain the proper paperwork. While there are many places to get your passport--such as courthouses, post offices, and public libraries--you must get Chinese visas from the Chinese consulate. The Chinese consulate is a diplomatic office of the Chinese government in the United States, and is the only place to get Chinese visas.

However, there are only a few offices of the Chinese consulate in the US, and it is often inconvenient for a traveler to visit one of their offices before leaving. On top of this, the Chinese consulate stopped accepting visa applications by mail for security reasons in May of 2003. At China Visa Service Center, we help you get your visa quickly and easily.

The consulate does not require visa applications to be filed by the applicant--so you can send us your application, and we will bring it straight to the consulate in person. There is no delay in this process, either. We bring your application to the consulate as soon as we receive it, and then ship your visa to you via FedEx right after it is processed. Many other visa services have waiting periods of up to a few weeks, but we have the fastest turnaround time in the business.







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